Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kent, CT

I'm in Kent Connecticut to resupply. Massachusetts and Connecticut have both been easy but unfortunately it's been super humid. Nothing too exciting to post about, just cranking miles to get through the middle Atlantic. I'll cross into New York tomorrow morning. Should be in Delaware Water Gap in NJ in about a week and a half.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

North Adams, MA

Just crossed into Massachusetts this morning. Doing a quick resupply in town and then heading back into the woods. We only have one last real mountain to climb tomorrow and then the trail flattens out and we'll be cruising on flat land until Virginia. We should be through Massachusetts and Connecticut within a week or so.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Manchester Center, VT

Vermont has been pretty easy, relatively flat terrain with few challenges. It's mostly just been rolling hills and cow pastures with an occasional ski hill here an there. Passed the 500 mile mark a few days ago. There really hasn't been anything else too exciting to report about except for the fact that I got new socks and shoes (which is super exciting for me) and my old shoes reached their final resting place at the Green Mountain House Hostel. I've only got 58 miles to Massachusetts so I should hit the state line in about 3 days.

Also I spent the last night before coming into town on top of Bromley Ski Mountain which gave us a chance to camp in a bit of an unusual location. We were treated to an awesome sunset and sunrise up there.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hanover, NH

I'm in Hanover NH for the afternoon to resupply and then head back out and cross into vermont. Got out of the whites after climbing Moosilauke Mountain. Everything Got real flat after that. We pushed a big day over cube and smarts mountains to get to a fire tower for the 4th of July. We were able to watch a dozen firework shows and a huge thunderstorm from the tower. It was alittle sketchy with the lightning but it was a hell of a show. Should be in killington in about 2 days, then only a few more days until I can get new shoes in Manchester Center. I cant wait!

I just had to add real quick that Hanover is an amazing town and everyone is super nice to hikers. We got free pizza, bagels, and a girl at the bakery hooked us up with tons of free sandwiches and pastries. This is by far the friendliest town yet.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lincoln, NH

I'm through the presidentals now, in Lincoln right now. Mt Washington was insane. We climbed in 75 mph winds, 10 feet visibility, 20 degree windchill, and pouring rain. It was downright epic. We made our way down from the summit and lucked out getting work for stay at lake of the clouds hut. The work sucked but we got to stay in the dungeon which beat the hell out of the storm.

The weather finally cleared up by the time I got to Franconia ridge. It was a perfect day with awesome views. All of the locals say they think the views from Franconia are better than the Presidentals. They definitely lived up to the hype.