Saturday, July 14, 2012

Manchester Center, VT

Vermont has been pretty easy, relatively flat terrain with few challenges. It's mostly just been rolling hills and cow pastures with an occasional ski hill here an there. Passed the 500 mile mark a few days ago. There really hasn't been anything else too exciting to report about except for the fact that I got new socks and shoes (which is super exciting for me) and my old shoes reached their final resting place at the Green Mountain House Hostel. I've only got 58 miles to Massachusetts so I should hit the state line in about 3 days.

Also I spent the last night before coming into town on top of Bromley Ski Mountain which gave us a chance to camp in a bit of an unusual location. We were treated to an awesome sunset and sunrise up there.

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  1. isnt there any sharp rocks out there to use for a razor :)