Thursday, September 27, 2012

Erwin, TN

Had a great stretch of hiking after we crossed the TN boarder. We passed laurel and jones falls which were pretty huge waterfalls. Then we crossed into NC for the first time and went through the Roan Highlands (the trail crosses back and forth between NC and TN for the next 175 miles). The highlands were awesome, we took a short day so we could take in all the views from the balds. That night we stayed at roan high shelter which is the highest shelter on the AT, surprisingly I didn't freeze to death tenting because the shelter was full.

When we resupplied in The town of Roan Mtn I had the best burger on the trail at bob's dairy land. It was a true hiker burger called the holy cow. It had 3 patties, 6 slices of bacon, 3 slices of ham, Swiss & American cheese, 2 onion rings, and a scoop of chili on it. It was the monster burger thru hikers dream about.

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