Saturday, June 9, 2012

100 mile wilderness done

Just finished the 100 mile wilderness early this morning. It definitely lived up to its reputation. Everyone told me Maine is wet. I was prepared for wet weather (which we got plenty of)... 4 inches of rain in the first two days.

What I wasn't prepared for was that the 100 mile wilderness is a giant swamp for the first half. There were stretches where you walked through knee deep water and mud for miles. The trail was frequently covered with running water. My feet didn't dry out the entire time I was out there.

It was such a relief when we hit the mountains, at least it was terrain I was used to. I quickly learned our shuttle driver to Baxter State Park wasn't kidding when he told us there are no switchbacks until you get through Massachusetts. Every trail goes straight up and straight down the other side which was extra sketchy since everything is covered with wet super slick granite.

I was originally planning to just pick up my resupply in Monson and get back out on the trail. I was hurting for the last two days so I decided to stay the night at the famous Shaw's hostel and give my body a rest instead. Its nice to finally dry my feet out and take a shower. Plus the tales of their famous all you can eat breakfast are just too tempting to pass up.

I set out for Stratton Maine tomorrow, should make it there in 5 days.

In the pictures the panorama is the view of the 100 mile from the top of whitecap mountain looking back at Katahdin Which is the big mountain in the middle.

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