Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Andover, ME

Had a tough few days coming in from Stratton. The pull out of Stratton over Carter mountain was tough with a turkey bacon club sandwich, avocado, and a pound of potato salad in my stomach. Went over sugarloaf ski mountain the next day which was a tease because it was a huge climb with no views. The horn and saddleback mountain were awesome though. They were big high ridges above treeline with views all around. Gave us a bit of a taste of the whites which we'll start next week.

Today was a good break in town. Came in early, had a huge breakfast, resupplied, went swimming in the river which sufficed as a shower/laundry, and then had a big lunch (leftover pizza will make a killer dinner tonite). Was nice to take it easy in the 100 degree heat today. Have Mahoosuc notch coming up the day after tomorrow which is commonly referred to as the toughest mile on the AT which will be interesting. Then it's a cruise into New Hampshire. Should be in Gorham NH on Saturday for Yokohama all you can eat Chinese buffet.

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