Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gorham, NH

Finally out of Maine! We showed our love for the it when we hit the state line. It was a tough 40 miles in from Andover with a few big days. This heat wave did not make things any easier. We went through mahoosuc notch which is referred to as the hardest mile on the AT but it was actually a lot of fun. We just took our time, took breaks in the nice cold caves, and built a snowman.

It kinda sucked when we got into town yesterday because the really nice hostel we were gonna stay at was totally booked up by the Appalachian mountain club so we had to stay somewhere else (I already hate the AMC and I haven't even gotten raped by all their fees through the whites yet). On the bright side the owners of the first hostel felt bad about having to turn down thru hikers for abunch of tourists so they're feeding us breakfast this morning.

I start into the White Mountains today. I'm crossing my fingers for the weather on Tuesday, thats when we'll be doing our traverse of all the presidentals.

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