Monday, August 13, 2012

Boiling Springs, PA

Pennsylvania has been interesting. I started out pulling big miles through the rockiest part of the state trying to catch up to the guys I was hiking with. My biggest day was a monster 34 miler. Oh and I almost stepped on a timber rattlesnake towards the end of that day, came within a foot or two of it before I saw it and jumped about 10 ft back. I absolutely hated PA when I was doing that, big miles and the rocks were just too rough on the feet and ankles to have any fun.

I caught up to within about a half a day of the group and said screw it right now and have been having a blast ever since. I'll catch back up after harpers ferry WV. I don't need to hurt myself before the Maryland challenge (hike the whole 42 miles of MD in one day without camping in the state).

I just resupplied in Boiling Springs. It was an easy day cruising through farmland. I got a bit of a late start because i got distracted this morning playing with the cat that lived at the last shelter. There was no mice problem there. I ended up snacking on corn all day while I hiked. I'm gonna take it easy the next few days doing two 19's and a 14 so I can rest up for Maryland on Friday.

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