Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Front Royal, VA

A lot has happened since my last update. I caught up to Beat Feet and Flakes a day before the PA-MD line. Crooked Sticks just caught back up to us last night after a weekend off in DC. I found the best trail magic ever in PA, a 6-pack and it was still even cold.

The Maryland challenge turned into a bit of an epic. I started hiking at 2am and felt pretty good until the 27 mile mark where I hit the wall. I pushed through and felt great after another 10 miles. Once I got to Harpers Ferry I couldn't find a place to camp so I said screw it and did the 4-state challenge instead. The only problem was that halfway up the ridge out of town fog rolled in and visibility dropped to almost nothing. I stumbled along past the state line (it wasn't marked at all) and ended up walking 2 more miles past the line further into Virginia before stopping at 10 pm after 20 hours and 45 miles of hiking. I started in PA, hiked the entire state of MD, and crossed through WV to finally camp in VA.

I ran down the ridge back into town the next morning to eat a huge breakfast because all I had for dinner the night before was 2 cliff bars and 2 shots of bourbon. I took the rest of the day off in Harpers Ferry and got back out the next day.

It's nice to be in Virginia. I'm getting back into the mountains which means more interesting hiking and views again. Yesterday I hiked the northern VA section known as the rollercoaster for its constant ups and downs but it turned put to be pretty easy. Heading into Shenandoah National Park this afternoon.

Oh and I also had a toenail fall off yesterday. I stubbed it so hard coming down Stratton Ski Mtn in Vermont that i thought I broke my toe and the nail just finally fell off. Good ridden, it's one less nail to clip.

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