Sunday, August 5, 2012

Delaware Water Gap, PA

Well I'm not actually in Delaware water gap right now. I crossed into PA Thursday afternoon and then got picked up and am taking the weekend off to visit family in New Jersey, my mom even flew up. It was nice spending the last few days watching the olympics, eating, and hanging out in my cousins' pool during the heatwave up here. I'll get back on the trail tomorrow morning to start tackling PA.

NY and NJ were both surprisingly pretty and as easy as expected. I did go through a pretty weird place, Bear Mountain State Park in NY. The trail goes through a zoo where the bear cage is the lowest point on the trail both in elevation and morals. The park also had a public pool and was full of people out for the day from NYC that had no idea what the AT is or why there were hikers with backpacks passing through the park.

NJ was really nice, especially around Delaware Water Gap. It also turned out that it was blackberry season in jersey.

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